Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sakshi Tv Swapna to join Relaince TV ???

It appears that Big Fm of ADAG group is foraying into Telugu TV channel business.

According to Sakshi Tv sources , Swapna of Sakshi Tv is doing a great deal of buttering to a very senior person in Big FM Hyderabad and Mumbai to get appointed as the programming head in that venture.

The same sources say that she does not realising that they are all very intelligent and take only successful persons or persons with good track record and are really not interested in mediocre persons who cannot stick to a single job for any amount of time and get involved in all sort of office politics.


  1. Swapna is good singer. Endukala aadiposukuntaru? She will do good programming in Bigtv Telugu.

  2. Bigtv is not oldage home to promote Swapna.

  3. Swapna is wasting her capability while working in that bloody idiot Jagan's t.v..